Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm here at U.P. attending a 5 day training on Womem Empowerment at the Age of ICT.Until now I'm wond'ring why I'm here kasi naman this is my first time to sit infront of the computer for the whole day...ang sakit sa mata..........hirap mag isip ng action plan......

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Iremember my nephew who's in Canada now
I just want to see the Philippines.
3.delfindjmontano kasi I heard this on the news.
It's because I love food......
I like this because I am a homemaker.
I love to cook.
I want to travel but I don't have enough money.
kasi nga I want to see the Philippines.
para di na 'ko manood ng tv dami commersials...........
curious lang ako